Re-inscribing the History of the Korean War

Yoon Kim

I have been working on a theme “re-inscribing history” and created several design pieces under the theme. I chose several projects specifically related to Korean war, and have been developing two projects which are a photographic book and a participatory kit for veterans. I felt I needed a new form to communicate better with veterans and people who live in South Korea. I also need to reweave previous projects and find better ways to tell the story. Reweave, redesign and rewrite are what I really need to do and this will help me to push my project to reach out to my audiences effectively.

The outcome is a photographic book, “Provenance — capturing memories” of veterans and artifacts, and a participatory kit with collection of artifacts. It will take viewers back in time to a place that is rich in culture and a place filled with undiscovered stories.

Ultimately, I hope to create a visual narrative about a place, a time, an environment and depict the importance of each of those components in American and Korean history. My overarching vision is to complete four-year narrative on the “Re-inscribing history” by studying, collecting, documenting and developing images: Idea Bomb, Provenance_returnable origins, In Loving Memories and Provenance_capturing memories.