parallel intersections

(a work/methodology-in-process)

Three artists, three bodies and three methodologies, merging to create a fluid synergy. How can 1+1+1=/move beyond individual process? Prompt driven tasks will translate the visual to the physical and back again – our bodies, vehicles of space and line will move through time. The intersection of our process will draw the physical into abstract formation, casting/ recasting energy as a continuum. The development of interdisciplinary methodology along with a potential installation with pop-up performance will be our week’s goal.

We seek to meld the somatic and visual in forms that integrate combined practice. rewrite offers an opening for emergent forms of contextualization to evolve from this time together.

a tall order – with this in mind we kept a quote from Pina Bausch in the forefront of our thoughts and methodology.

 “I am not interested in how you move, but in what moves you.”